WSKO Logo Original

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Our WSKO Logo is very significant to us, as it was taken from a picture of Sensei Jason K. Ashcroft performing a 'Yoko Tobi Geri' Jumping Side Kick at another Student from the WSKO First Dojo, 'Williamstown SKS'.

This Photograph was taken at the Williamstown Dojo back in 1992.

Clive Huges a Professional Photographer took the picture that was back in the days where there were no Digital Cameras, so we couldn't check how they came out, until they were developed.

We did 3 roles of film thats 108 Jumping Side Kicks, towards the end Sensei Ashcroft was getting very tired and broke the students nose whilst performing one of the kicks.

As you can see in the original photograph the Student in the picture his right foot is missing, we had to take pictures of his feet to match them up with the original size photograph so the Graphic Designer could understand how the position on the foot was meant to look.