The Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation formally Rhondda Shotokan Karate Schools was formed on the 29th November of 1989, affiliated to the Welsh Karate Governing Body (WKGB) who in turn is affiliated to the World Karate Federation (WKF) and the European Karate Federation (EKF).

The Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation Provides Professional Karate Tuition by National Qualified Karate Instructors, all of our Instructors are Qualified First Aiders - CRB Checked - Covered by Professional Indemnity.

In this Day and Age it is very important to thoroughly check the Karate Class you attend is a Bonafide Run Karate Dojo (Class), making sure all their Instructors are properly Qualified, Insured, CRB / DBS (Criminal Record Bureau) Checked and are affiliated to a recognised Karate Governing Body.

Our Aim is to Teach the Art of Shotokan to All Ages and Gender to The Very Highest Standard Expected.

We have Karate Karate Schools in Wales and International Schools in the United States of America and India

Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation Chief Instructor - Sensei Jason Ashcroft  6th Dan Shotokan, has Been Training in Karate Since 1979 and Has Been Teaching Karate Since 1989.... He Is :

Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation Logo

World Karate Federation & European Karate Federation 'A' Grade Referee

Vice President to the Welsh Karate Governing Body (The Only Sport Wales Recognised Governing Body for Karate in Wales)

President for Wales to the World Shotokan Karate Union.

The Welsh Shotokan Karate Organisation is a Traditional Style of Karate, with Techniques reaching back many Centuries. This Style consists of many different segments. Firstly there are ‘Basics’, these are movements which develop our body, mind and reactions for further training in the art of Karate.

Next there is ‘Kata’ where defence and attacking movements are put into many different sequences just like a pattern. again they develop the person for further training as the Katas get more advanced.

Then there is ‘Kumite’ which is split up into three different parts, Gohon Kumite which is the first, one person attacks while the other blocks and counter attacks. then there is Ippon Kumite and Jiyu Ippon Kumite with the same principles but for more advanced students. Also there is ‘Tournament’ fighting where you have to score points against an opponent, and ‘Self Defence’, where the training learned gives you confidence in street situations.

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