Gojoshiho Dai Kanji

Kata Performed by Sensei K. Shina JKA

As previously mentioned, the Federation of Shotokan Karate follows the practice of designating the Kata containing the one-finger techniques as '-sho' and the Kata utilising the four-finger techniques as '-dai'.

Many interesting techniques appear in this Kata which bear study. Not the least being the Keito-nagashi-ukeinto Ippon-nukite, and the remarks concerning the use of ippon-nukite in Unsu should be referred to. Although one-finger strikes to the body are possible for a Karate-ka with especially conditioned hands, in general practice the bunkai should include applications against soft-tissue targets, or should substitute the one-finger strike with a less inherently dangerous technique.

This Kata also features Haito as a blocking technique against punches, kicks or Bo attack; Hira-shihon-nukite to the groin, and the unusual Washide (Eagle-hand) strike.


 Unfortunately there is only the New Version of this Kata

Gojoshiho Dai  -  Fifty Four Steps Major

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