Ji' in Kanji

Kata Performed by Sensei K. Shina JKA

The origin of this Kata is obscure. We know that it was also known as Shokyo. There is belief that the name stems from the Jion Temple, as does Jion, and it is often grouped together with JionJitte and other intermediate Kata.

Some confusion exists over the correct interpretation of the Kosa-uke double blocking technique. Logic suggests that the Gedan-barai is performed with the same hand as whichever leg is in front, i.e. rightZenkutsu-dachi / right gedan-barai, left uchi-uke. This accords with the normal application, the Uchi-ukebeing to synchronized and strengthen Kime.

It takes a great deal of practice in order to perform the advancing and turning movements smoothly yet strongly.


 Unfortunately there is only the New Version of this Kata

Ji' in  -  Named after the Temple Grounds of Jion-Ji

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