Tekki Nidan Kanji

New Version of Kata Performed by Sensei T. Asai JKA

Master Itosu simplified Sokon Matsumura's Naihanchi Kata, and from the resulting, currently named, TekkiShodan he further devised the variants Tekki Nidan and Tekki Sandan, again removing the more dangerous techniques and grappling moves, to make the more suitable for teaching to children and college students.

It is worth noting that in the earlier Chinese forms of these and other Kata, the more sophisticated simultaneous block and counter techniques are often replaced with the simpler block then counter.

No-one really knows the reason for the distinctive Embusen of the Kata, which has been variously attributed to there being no possibility of backwards retreat, only lateral movement, as in a boat, or against a wall.

Tekki Nidan  -  Iron Horse (Knight) - Level 2

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