Tekki Shodan Kanji

New Version of Kata Performed by Sensei M. Kawawada JKA

Ankoh (Yasutsune) Itosu, an Okinawan karate master, revised and adapted older Kata. Himself a student of the legendary Sokon Matsumura, Itosu was a great formulator and developer of Kata, and according to Funakoshi it was from Master Itosu that he learned the Heian and three Tekki kata amongst others.

He specialised in the Tekki Kata and made funakoshi spend three years learning each, admonishing that they were at once the easiest to learn but also the most difficult to learn.

The original name Naihanchi was changed to Tekki by Funakoshi, and although Tekki Shodan is an oldShuri-te Kata, Nidan and Sandan were created by Itosu as strengthening and training Kata, basing them upon the original but eliminating the dangerous techniques.

Originally performed in Naihanchi-dachi and Hachi-ji-dachi, they are now all performed in kiba-dachi.

One of the most difficult techniques to perform correctly in Tekki Shodan is Nami-gaeshi the 'Returning wave' deflection. Many students incorrectly slap the instep against the inside of the thigh. The foot should travel to the front of the thigh to block of deflect a kicking attack.

The Tekki Kata should be practised assiduously in order to promote flexibility and lower body strength.

Tekki Shodan  -  Iron Horse (Knight) - Level 1

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